Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Excellent Question: What Are The Benefits of Being Able to Laugh?

Chato B. Stewart has been published in BP Magazine, a magazine for people with bipolar disorder, their family members and friends, and all those with a professional interest in this medical condition (such as psychologists).

Words Of The Wisdomless: Moods

"Only one person can change your mood, that person is you! You can let people lift you up, or let them knock you down. This means it is vital to pick
your friends wisely! Too bad, we can't pick our family... Well, at least, we can ignore them on Facebook!" - By Chato B. Stewart

An article on about "Laughter is good for your health" said how laughter relaxes the whole body. Just one good laugh a day can make a positive difference. Yes, laughter helps with stress, and many believe that laughter can also boost your immunity by... "decreases the stress hormones and increases immunity cells and infection fighting antibodies". The article went on to say that laughter antibodies help the immune cells and are necessary to fight off colds and infections and speed up recovery....

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